Welcome Letter


Welcome Letter

Welcome to the world of Managed Information Technology Solutions.  At Resonant Technology Partners, LLC our core competency is providing each and every client with an unparalleled approach to monitoring and proactively remedying Information Technology issues in a disciplined manner.  This allows you–the client–to focus on your core competency–your business.

One fact remains at the forefront of everything we do: We are in business to deliver Information Technology Quality.  This commitment is reflected in the rigor of our research, the exceptional talent and tenure of our people, and our dedication to service excellence.

Information Technology Quality – the ability to meet client objectives consistently–requires talent, the capability to repeatedly add value, and diligence. It is never simply about performance–the integrity of our people and process are essential elements.

We are equally aware of our clients’ increasingly high standards, and derive great pride from our validation in the marketplace.  We recognize that only through the delivery of a consistently high-quality performance and service experience can we exceed those expectations and maintain long-term relationships build on trust.

Clear decision making, a bureaucracy-free environment and a straightforward managed Information Technology process create a framework for success–both our clients’ and our own. I feel privileged to be part of the senior management team responsible for retaining the breath, depth and specialist nature of our Information Technology talent and process.

On behalf of the Resonant Technology Partners, please accept my appreciation for the privilege of your business.  We will endeavour to earn that business by delivering best-in-class managed Information Technology services and solutions to your organization each and every day.

Best Regards,

Thomas K. Kauhaahaa
President & Chief Executive Officer

Resonant Technology Partners, LLC
16103 University Oak, Suite 100
San Antonio, Texas 78249
+1 866.404.4439

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