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SYSTEMS360 Red2SM by Resonant Technology Systems was established as a separate legal entity within the Resonant Technology Family, has developed a deep understanding of the IT market, offering our clients unique benefits:

  • Long-term partnerships with clients
  • A wide range of innovative product options
  • A powerful combination of financial and technology know-how
  • Emphasis on individually tailored business solutions

Affordable IT Investments.  SYSTEMS360 Red2SM offers a long-term alternative to lump-sum payments and unpredictable follow-up costs.  The result - access to IT solutions previously available only to the largest corporations through financing with monthly payments that are affordable and predictable, and processing that is fast and easy.

Full Cost Coverage.  IT costs can be notoriously difficult to predict, leaving you vulnerable to the unexpected.  Not any more.  Our financing service covers all the major costs related to your IT investment with predictable monthly payments.  These payments are all inclusive, incorporating:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Services for Customization, Installation & Training
  • Internal Project Costs
  • Maintenance Costs

One Stop Shopping.  Resonant Technology Systems can save you money and time, managing both the financing package and, in conjunction with Resonant Technology Partners, the IT solution in one easy step.  In addition to turning your upfront investment for IT solutions into affordable periodic payments, Resonant Technology Systems give you complete transparency into all associated costs.

A Perfect Fit with Low Risk.  Financing an IT project with Resonant Technology Systems is a low-risk and completely tailored to your needs.  We will provide a solution that addresses your requirements and make sure that the proposed project and costs suit your business strategy.  Manageable monthly payments make your IT costs more predictable and comparable to other fixed costs, such as those for telecommunications.  The cost transparency provided by Resonant Technology Systems puts you in control at all times.

Our Clients

“The use of the HP servers with Integrated Lights Out (iLO) features, and the professional services of Resonant Technology Partners, has made our entire environment more efficient.”

-David Page, Director of Information Services

“We have been very impressed with the powerful performance and strong reliability of HP Proliant Servers. Couple with the installation and configuration of Resonant Technology Partners, we feel we made a wise investment."

-Mark Brzostowski, Director of Information Systems

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