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No business today is safe from disaster. Floods, fire, power outages, viruses and hackers – all can shut your Information Technology operations down for days, weeks, and possibly for good.  Any disruption in service means lost revenue and opportunity – it also tarnishes your firm’s image and credibility in the eyes of your clients, It’s vital to lay a foundation for disaster recovery long before your organization faces costly, business-altering decisions in the wake of a crisis. Yet. Many companies are not adequately prepared.  An Ernst & Young survey entitled “The Fabric of Risk”, shows that a significant number of businesses cannot recover from a computer failure fast enough.  Additionally, Gartner Inc. estimates that two out of every five enterprises will go out of business within five years of such event.

DATA2360 PurpleSM Resonant Technology Partners’ Business Continuity Services can help protect your firm from costly downtime due to unexpected events.  It makes no difference whether you outsource or manage you own primary Information Technology systems on your own premises.  We’ll assist your organization with System and Data Recovery Services that offer a high level of security and reliability. At Resonant, we believe that true Disaster Recovery is having someone implement your Information Technology Risk and Mitigation Plan when your firm is unable to respond.  Let us provide a business continuity packaged of hardware, software, data, and qualified personnel so that you can concentrate on more critical matters–your personnel.

Our Clients

“Our management and board have an obligation, to all those we do business with, to ensure the survival of our organization, including an actionable business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Resonant delivers an IT risk mitigation solution that provides peace of mind for us and, in turn, our clients.”

-Mayela Castañon, Chief Financial Officer

“Data protection is critical to many businesses, but especially as it relates to the financial industry. Resonants’ Data360° backup and disaster recovery service, coupled with the Manage360° day-to-day management and support of our IT systems, gives us big business benefits and results on a small business budget."

-Kyle Martin, Co-Founder

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