Client First


Client First

The Fulcrum for being Client-Centric.  What distinguishes client-centric organizations from other companies that proclaim their client focus? In short, they’ve moved beyond lip service and re-oriented their entire operating model around the client, increasing client satisfaction and their own profitability in the process.

At Resonant Technology Partners, we believe that the key to delighted clients is effective and empowered account management. We only hire and retain account managers with 10+ years Information Technology experience and a minimum four year college degree as an academic standard. This allows us the freedom to give our account managers decision making authority at the field level which in turn reduces your time to achieving Information Technology value. After all, if your account manager can’t navigate Information Technology complexity on your behalf then what are the chances you will get the solution you were looking for in the first place.

Resonant believes that by instilling the following principles in our account managers we succeed in being a truly client centric company:

  • We define, market and sell our services from your point of view. To be truly client-centric, we need to be known and valued by your entire organization and not just be the modern-day equivalent of the “Information Technology guys in the basement.” Our Information Technology services must be recognizable to you, and our Information Technology professionals must offer the value that you are willing to pay for.
  • Our Information Technology services organization never says no. In our client-centric organization, “no” is not in the vocabulary. Anything can be done – at a cost. In other words, instead of saying no, we let you decide whether a particular product or service passes your cost-benefit test.
  • We know and understand our clients. If our Information Technology services organization is isolated from, or unfamiliar with, our clients, we can’t succeed. Too often, Information Technology services organizations fail because they’re bogged down in technology issues and don’t see the huge problems that exist in their service delivery and credibility. At the top, our account manager needs to know the top executives. At the project level, our relationship managers, need to be able to work closely with line-of-business leaders. At the service-desk level, our Information Technology professionals need to be aware of the nature of the work performed by the company’s end users.
  • A client-centric Information Technology services organization is market-driven client by client. Our products and services will match the needs of each client. An aggressive and entrepreneurial user base has a different Information Technology wish list than do users in a mature industry who are looking to minimize cost.

We believe we take a different, wide angle view. Moving beyond even-oriented service transactions, we have developed a holistic and continuous view of each client’s transforming business experiences.

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